About Us

Hammon Building Contractors is a well established and reputed company that has been providing high quality services for the past 25 years.

The building industry is vast and requires highly skilled individuals to work collectively to achieve a common goal. The key to stability in this industry is to ensure that quality and customer satisfaction is maintained throughout every phase of the building process. We have proved to do exactly that.

Hammon Building Contractors has been built solely on recommendations which give an indication of our reliability and dedication towards our customers. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and endeavour to reflect this in each and every job we undertake.

Over the years, Hammon Building Contractors have completed several large projects and our meticulous approach ensures that all work is completed on time and to budget while maintaining the highest possible standards. This is achieved by our vast range of skills, expertise and experience, encapsulated with a sense of dedication, determination and commitment.

We strongly believe in building a personal rapport with our customers to develop a better understanding of their requirements and expectations.

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